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       “Kid tested. Mother approved.” - We used to hear this co-sign on products a lot. Nowadays, what it takes to move consumers is a lot more in depth. There is an art to invoking purchases, event attendance, and social media posts - that art is, well,ART. What people see is often the precursor to all other senses awakening. As a Graphic Designer with over 5 professional years in the industry, my understanding of this nuance, puts me ahead of the designing pack.

       I’ve conceptualized and executed traffic stopping billboards over New York’s Williamsburg Bridge for DNA Footwear as a direct report to the head of Marketing. Illustrating story boards for the likes of J.P. Morgan Chase and Fisherprice while fine tuning my CAD skills has assured that I hold on to the idea of not only visual story telling but capturing an audience - After all, its not enough to get them to look, I want them to stare! I am certain that as a member of your team, I will be effective at bringing life, color, and energy to initiatives.


       In addition to my contributions to the company, the ways in which I will certainly be
nurtured can serve to fuel even brighter ideas. 

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